Our Journey into BDSM

Transparency Tuesday

In our household, we all struggle with a bit of anxiety. But when your 13 year old starts showing signs of depression and almost demon like behavior. You can’t always chuck it up to teen hormones. When Maggie was only 13 she started showing signs of anxiety and depression. It had even crossed my mind … Continue reading Transparency Tuesday

Shibari Saturday

Took the girls away for the weekend so no shibari. Just a special time with my 2 sweet peas and as always, yoga! Be blessed

Transparency Tuesday

Hey y’all! We haven’t been on much this week as we have decided it’s time to prepare for leaving Cali! And I am ecstatic! We will only be moving 1 state over to Nevada but I’ll take it. We have began several side hustles to help fund the move and also transition into a simpler … Continue reading Transparency Tuesday


I’ve been a bit unsettled about all these new medications I have been prescribed. I’m very holistic, and though my physical problems can be repaired through diet, exercise and supplements, my mental state is not such an easy fix. I have taken plenty of prescribed medication in the past. And I have abused plenty as … Continue reading Encouraged

Transparency Tuesday

Our Children and Dating How do we feel about our children dating? Well we are not against dating. And we believe the best way to know someone is to spend some intentional time with them first. And even though Damian and I were married in less then 5 months, that does not negate the fact … Continue reading Transparency Tuesday

Fun Fact

It’s not possible to get the required amount of Vita D without supplementing. Especially during this pandemic, while we aren’t outside as much! Mine was depleted and I suffered many debilitating side effects! Im now on 50,000 IUD and have so much energy, my eczema is cleared up, my bone pain and muscle weakness is … Continue reading Fun Fact


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