Transparency Tuesday

Wow guys!! It’s been a busy but blessed few weeks! Can’t wait to catch up on all of your blogs and catch you up on ours!

We are still waiting for Damians surgery, which is now scheduled for Christmas Eve! Who does surgery on Christmas Eve? We will take it though.

I am currently working part time as the personal assistant to a CEO of a material handling company and am responsible for the marketing and sales campaigns. But most importantly, God is bringing healing through this job as the CEO is my oldest sister. and my brother is also employed there. Lots of growth and reconciliation. God is good.

Damian and I still continue to explore BDSM and focus on our relationship. Which continues to bloom more and more positive! And the goal is still to leave California next year!

We are currently, once again, isolated in our home as we have been directly exposed to covid! Fortunately we are not showing Any signs of symptoms and today is the 1 week mark. Thursday I will test so I can return to work so please prayers for a negative result!

Looking forward to catching up and sharing the mysterious ways God moves in ours lives!

Be blessed friends and find joy!

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