Friday the 13th

Today was a blessed day! With Damian on medical leave and me out of work from covid, it has been especially rough to make ends meet. We are very comfortable living on a small income. But with both pretty much gone it’s getting a bit tight. But, we always put faith in our savior Jesus Christ and he always provides for our needs. We have never been without.

Earlier this afternoon our dear friend Heather reached out to let me know her hubby was bringing us a treat! A freshly baked brownie cheesecake. I asked her how she knew I was craving chocolate? She responded “Bill, knows everything…God talks to him a lot.” This is true! Bill would bake us treats every Thursday before the lockdown, so we were especially excited because it has been months. When he arrived he handed us a tray of his delicious dessert, and on top of the lid was a gift card to the market for $250. Being we just paid the second half of rent we did not have any thing for food! Of course I have some finances coming in this week, but Gods perfect timing is amazing.

Then at the market we received a free 20 lb turkey. We were going to skip the turkey this year since we are just continuing to sale off everything and get out of Cali! But now we can enjoy our turkey dinner and give thanks for our abundance of support, love and friendships. Happy Friday the 13th everyone and be blessed.

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