Transparency Tuesday

Awaiting Surgery

Damian is having surgery any day now! We are only waiting for the anesthesiologist to contact him for a pre op and Covid test. He was told he would be contacted last week…. but was not.

Damian has never had surgery! Except for oral which, for some reason, the doctor told him “that’s not real surgery.” Nice doc! Way to calm the nerves. It’s been a rough couple of weeks as far as Damian holding it together but honestly, he has fooled us! Of course, we communicate our wants and needs so I have been made aware this whole time where his mind and anxiety levels are. And he’s scared!

Being his first surgery, and I can’t be with him. I will sit in the parking lot of course and wait for him. He also does not have the option of being awake! So he will be put to sleep! Needless to say, that is more unsettling.

He is having a hernia repair performed by a machine. This is the way the surgeon believes will be most effective and we decided to trust his judgement. But that’s just one more thing that has him anxious. We have also heard from friends that the healing is a painful process, especially all of the air that they will pump into his body to expand it and make room.

We are hoping this will be the week so Damian can move forward without worry or stress. It’s not in his nature to feel this fear. He has always been the rock. It is nice to care for and comfort him. Just more chance for our relationship to grow more intimate! In the mean time he is keeping himself super occupied by upcycling furniture, so they can keep pushing the appointment out! Jk Prayers please that everything falls into place ASAP and the healing is quick and painless.

9 thoughts on “Transparency Tuesday

  1. I had a mesh inserted. It was no problem outside of being anxious to return to doing stuff. Everyone will have their own experience, at least no one will be able to say he hasn’t experience “real” surgery. Take care of you and all you love. Which I suspect you are doing!

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