Transparency Tuesday

Hey y’all! We haven’t been on much this week as we have decided it’s time to prepare for leaving Cali! And I am ecstatic! We will only be moving 1 state over to Nevada but I’ll take it. We have began several side hustles to help fund the move and also transition into a simpler more minimal lifestyle.

This is a move I have been wanting to do for years but Damian was not yet on board. Last week he confessed to me that he is now ready! We are continually growing together and ready to take this next journey together. I am overjoyed about this, but sad to leave our grandbabies behind. Gertty has committed to driving back and forth every month to pick them up for me! And thank goodness for FaceTime. Spenser has not yet committed to joining us and that’s ok! He’s a grown, independent man, more then capable of caring for himself.

So, my posts will be scaled back for a bit but I promise to jump on and stay current with everyone’s blogs! Please keep us in your prayers and positive thoughts as we are taking on ALOT this season and will need a lot of strength, faith and provision to make this happen. And all in perfect timing!

First step! Sale off everything…and we mean everything!

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