I’ve been a bit unsettled about all these new medications I have been prescribed. I’m very holistic, and though my physical problems can be repaired through diet, exercise and supplements, my mental state is not such an easy fix.

I have taken plenty of prescribed medication in the past. And I have abused plenty as well. So it was disheartening when the shrink recommended 3 different meds for my mental health. I pouted, and sulked, even got angry. But at this point, meditation and THC just aren’t enough to get me balanced.

7 bottles of pills is so overwhelming! My oldest daughter Jana was so thoughtful. She settled my spirit by reminding me that I’m not the same as I was 20 years ago. I’ve grown tremendously, and now have the strength to only use my meds as prescribed. She also sent me the perfect pill organizer to keep my daily dosing simple.

While in meditation the other morning God reminded me that everything is of Him, by Him and through Him. And that He has given us the doctors and scientists to help us when needed. I always trust what God speaks over me so now I am perfectly comfortable with taking meds that I otherwise would have looked down on. It’s amazing what peace can flood over you if you are only open to receive it! Be it from God through prayer, the universe through enlightenment, or positive encouragement from loved ones. There are so many ways to stay uplifted if we only seek it.

3 thoughts on “Encouraged

  1. The telling will be the response. You are equal to your own life, whatever comes you are equal to it.
    Medications have a lot of intellectual and emotional baggage attached to them but who cares if the experience works! Thanks for sharing this.

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