Don’t be so quick to judge

It’s one thing to judge people if you know them and their situations and have info regarding choices. I personally don’t think anyone should judge anyone. Righteous judgement, in love, is not what I’m speaking about here. For example; the homeless on the streets…the whole argument of “I’m not giving them money to spend on drugs or booze.” First of all, how do you know what they will do with the money? Second, it’s not our concern anyway! When God puts on my heart to give to the homeless, I give! And if they buy drugs with it that’s ok! At least I did what i could to show some compassion. Generally I give homeless food and water, blankets or clothes. But on occasion God tells me to do more. It’s not up to us to decide how someone should live their lives!

I’m actually writing this to share the kind of personality Damian has. He makes me laugh everyday and for someone like me with major depression and Ocd, laughter is very powerful.

We were at the market and had brought Gertty along. Damian is dealing with a minor injury and can not lift heavy items right now so Gertty and I do all the lifting and bagging. No big deal. The area we live in is very diverse. There is a high class neighborhood across the road, we are in a middle to lower class area, and of course the ghetto is mixed right in all around us. Homeless and drug addicts roam around like zombies, it’s quite sad actually. We had an early morning encounter with one who wandered onto our property and exchanged her nice new chucks for Damians dirty ole work shoes. Just shows you the state of mind they are in. I wanted to start leaving baskets of food on the front porch but was over ruled by the household. Fortunately there are plenty held up at a local park that we are able to regularly bless.

Anyway, back at the market. We always fill our 5 gallon sparklets water jugs ourselves. Not only is it cheap, $1, but it cuts back on hundreds of empty water bottles (and yes we always recycle) I am big on carbon footprints and working towards minimalism as well. I’d like to be able to live in an RV eventually.

So we are now at the car unloading the groceries and Damian is standing at the cart eating beef jerky and supervising the proper loading of the trunk. Cause you know, there is a proper order….. and in that order the sparklets jugs need to go in first. So here me and Gertty are struggling to get these huge water jugs out of the shopping cart and into the car when an older, well to do couple walks by and just stares for a second, with scrunched faces, whispering and glancing at Damian. So Damian, in all his smart ass sarcasm, takes a deep breath and shouts at us all angrily, “hurry up bitches! Get this shit loaded faster!” Of course Gertty and I complied because we knew he was joking, but the couple didn’t know and they just looked straight ahead and walked on past!

Really? You gonna stare and whisper, but then do nothing when you see 2 little females being verbally abused by a much larger man? Just don’t judge in the first place! They knew nothing of our situation, but acted like Damian was some lazy, overpowering bully! Which he absolutely is not. So we must strive to be kind and patient in all situations with all people. We don’t know their lives or struggles! And if we do know someone’s situation, and can help them out, we should. But if you can’t help, don’t hurt, and please don’t judge.

9 thoughts on “Don’t be so quick to judge

  1. Damian sounds like such a humorous character! My husband may have thought about doing the same, but he hasn’t, yet! LOL
    Loved ALL of this.
    p.s. I feel the same way about giving to the homeless. “Don’t judge” is a big peeve of mine too, but only for myself, as I certainly can’t tell anyone else what to do. Hehe! ❤️🦋🌀🙏😉

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    1. Yes!! People need to just keep dibs on their own lives, help when and where they can and spread compassion and joy. There is far to much ugliness in the world and IMO a lot stems from judgement. I use to be judge mental believe me! But God has worked in me and broke me down to build me up in compassion and love.

      You are living my dream!! Trying to get the fam(Damian) on board! Honestly now…is it amazing? Like what’s your greatest struggle living off grid?

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      1. Well, we moved to off grid living about a week before COVID, sooo it’s been a real PITA! Maybe had my work (day job) been easier, and I hadn’t had to go get the gas for the generators, wash all the groceries, etc. I could have handled the off grid challenges better. Biggest hassle was generators dying and a tropical storm that meant no sun for the solar to charge our batteries for weeks! ❤️☀️💦🌱

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