Impact Play

Yes, impact play.

The sexual practice of inflicting pain, through striking, to satisfy one or both participants. It can also be non sexual. We enjoy both!

We knew from that first spank that impact play was for us. It’s so satisfying to hear that crisp slap and see the pleasure in Damians face upon every impact. Except for the last one, cause that’s when he’s had enough. And it shows. He will usually just tell me “ok! enough!” and cover his butt, but I can always see that coming now.

I think that’s one of the reasons we are enjoying BDSM so much as we are able to read each other much clearer. And not only In the bedroom but in daily life as well. For instance, if Damian would get grumpy all of a sudden, I would match energies and become grumpy as well. Which just blocks the open connection of our communication and causes a wedge. Now Ive learned to always 1st, make sure he’s not just hangry. That’s easy to handle with a quick snack! But if he is truly grumpy, I will now, deflect that momentary feeling and help to change that behavior. And vise versa. This helps us to cut back on any insecurities or overthinking that tends to creep in with anxiety and depression. Now we have the natural tools to avoid some triggers that could set off panic! Bonus

Another reason we love impact play is because I’m a sadist -one who enjoys inflicting pain and Damian is a masochist -one who enjoys receiving pain. The fact that we just fall into these roles, as with dominance and submission, is comforting and peaceful! It’s something again that comes naturally and that we don’t have to give much thought to or energy in carrying out. Well there’s ALOT of energy involved actually. And this pattern helps us to keep all that energy Positive!

The only real downfall to impact play is, of course, the 5 brats cramping up our lifestyle! We went to a hotel in August, for our anniversary, just so we could finally do some damage and wouldn’t you know it? We left all the impact equipment behind I mean, who does that? Kinda like our wedding when we left the suit behind! We still had an amazing time and made do with what was on hand. We are very resourceful!

So be it, my past trauma that is a factor in my sadism, or some underlying anger issues, and for Damian, his abandonment issues or some repressed childhood memory, accounting for his masochism. Whatever the reason, abuse or even just preference. We give impact play 2 thumbs up for sensuality, healing, connecting, empowering and fun👍🏼👍🏼

So Satisfying

6 thoughts on “Impact Play

  1. Very interesting read; especially the underlying factors that contribute to your sadism and Damian’s masochism. In addition, learning how impact play contributes to your relationship stability was truly enlightening! Thanks for posting!

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