Psalm 23

Every day I go outside and do 20-30 mins of yoga and meditation. I love connecting with nature, feeling at peace with the universe, the sun on my skin and the clarity. But what I love most is my intimate encounters with God. This is my set time with Him everyday to discuss our plans and short comings. As well as give praise for our blessings and break throughs. I also praise Him for all he has denied us for the sake of our own good. This morning He took me to Psalm 23 -“He gives me green pastures to lie in. He leads me by calm pools of water.” I have struggled for many years to hear Gods voice but have recently been connecting. And why? Because I finally quieted my mind. How can we find rest if our minds are so clouded and cluttered with this life? Even if God himself stood before me and laid down next to me by calm waters…with such a busy mind I would still not find rest. I’d be at peace for the moment. But not rest in the true intent God has in mind. This morning I prayed that God give us all rest! That everyone of our minds would be clear and emptied of any bothersome and even welcoming thoughts so that he can fill every inch of it with His promises and peace! And I ask that His light flood so deeply in, that it encompasses even the darkest corners of our minds.


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