Succulent Sunday

Açaí Bowl

Açaí is delicious no matter how you prepare it and if you have a sweet tooth like me, but want to cut out refined sugar, then açaí is for you. You can use it in a smoothy, like an ice cream bowl, or even make popsicles out off it. I prefer the açaí bowl because I can add fruit, nuts, seeds, coconut, honey….the combos are limitless. Added bonus; açaí is a a superfood much like the avocado. Bon appetite and happy healing.

2 thoughts on “Succulent Sunday

  1. This does look so good!! I’ve never tried Acai before and I generally don’t favour superfuods other other foods. To me, good for you is good for you – period! Almonds have been my thing lately, so sweet and creamy for snacking on while I write hehe xx

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    1. Almonds are the best! There’s some sliced ones in there. And yes healthy food is healthy food no matter what. I am only big on superfoods for the healing properties. But if you are eating clean enough you can deff heal without them


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