Transparency Tuesday

Pass joints, not judgement

I’ve decided to share some “out of the bedroom bits” and open up to other areas of our lives since I’m the type of person who loves transparency! So let’s talk about cannabis.

We for one, love ALL things cannabis. Thc, hemp., Cbd, vape, dab, cooking with it, medicating with it, the taste, the smell, side effects and even on a social level!

I started smoking cannabis under peer pressure my freshman year. A group of friends walked off campus and smoked out of a tin foil pipe behind the tennis courts. We were caught by the principal, interrogated by staff and our parents and I didn’t try it again until after I graduated. But I did a shit ton of meth and alcohol. Damian tried it for the first time when he was 14 with some uncles while riding dirt bikes then got attacked by a pack of wild dogs. Not a great first impression for either of us. Fortunately Damian did not go on to party, he went to school got good grades and smoked some weed. I dropped out sophomore year and went down a savage teenage road, of self death and destruction.

For years I drank and popped pills to stay numb of all my past trauma. Damian floated our life by continually picking up my broken pieces. “In sickness and in health.” I gave up all the booze and pills, started using cannabis, and slowly began healing. Damian has always treated his chronic anxiety with cannabis, and is extremely healthy to this day! By no fault of our own, but due to embezzlement of our family company, we lost everything! And I mean everything! But God needed to flip our worlds right side up to save us and in doing that it led the path to Him! I stayed heavily involved in the church and pressing into to Christ! Until just recently….but that’s another post.

Years went by and we never fully recovered financially! So we just adjusted our lifestyles and learned to live humbly and minimally. We still struggle to this day to make ends meet, but we have also never felt so joy filled and free. So connected and whole. It’s crazy to go from complete financial freedom to homelessness, and to come out happier because of the lessons and growth. And we have the best children! They didn’t turn to crime or drugs. We turned to Christ, together, and He sustains us.

Back in June I got very ill. We figured it’s seasonal asthma, though I don’t have asthma, and so i stopped smoking cannabis because I could not breathe. Edibles send me into a world of panic or do nothing at all so I just stopped using all together. By mid June I was convinced I had Covid and landed in the urgent care! Excited to finally clear up what was wrong my test came back negative. At least with a. Positive test I could have stopped wondering what was happening to me!

Meanwhile panic attack on top off panic attack, fatigue, body aches, confusion, chest pain and palpitations. Afib made it impossible for me to sleep as I just knew I wouldn’t wake up! So many more symptoms I for sure was dying or had breast cancer, lung cancer or throat cancer. I have a constant choking feeling and my voice kept going away. Finally some test results proved I’m quite healthy actually, with a few ailments that Will require treatment, but are controllable even healable.

Last night I decided to try smoking some CBD flower! I knew they had pure THC free CBD. So we drove to the dispensary, only to find out that all good quality CBD products have traces of THC, so I picked a strain that had low THC, 22%, and wouldn’t you know it? All my symptoms went away instantly! Last night and now all today I have had no anxiety, felt no palpitations, my headache and confusion are gone and my energy has been increased. My throat is still choked up but that is due to thyroid issues and will be treated next week with medication. My doctor has agreed that THC and CBD are great alternative medicines for many things and will gladly recommend me for an MMIC card which is the federally authorized medical marijuana card.

All this time I have been suffering debilitating symptoms that have interfered with my everyday activities! For weeks, I have been so sick and in pain, unstable, unclear, and afraid. And the answer was always cannabis. I believe that THC sedates my bipolar depression, therefore keeping my anxiety in check. The CBD handles all the auto immune effects including inflammation and pain. I will now only require a diet tweak, multi vitamin and thyroid medication to heal. As opposed to pain medications, anti anxiety and depression meds, sleep aid and any other RX doctors love to throw at us as bandaids.

I’m great full that I had those breathing issues back in June, as I may not have quit using cannabis, which lead me to finding my thyroid issue. And now discovering just how powerful a healing plant it is. As our children become adults, we always encourage they transition to cannabis for a healthy mind and continue to eat clean and plant based to keep a healthy body. I highly recommend CBD and THC for anyone dealing with forms of anxiety and depression. I’m pretty sure Damians patience with me and 7 kids, can also be attributed to cannabis! I’m a lot to handle. Loving me ain’t easy, but he nailed it.

Make sure you talk it over with your physicians before trying any medications! And happy healing!

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