Oh Baby

….”my period is 3 days late”

Believe it or not before we got married we actually had been trying to get pregnant. We never thought things through or had much of a future plan. We just knew we loved each other and wanted kids! I remember having a doctors appointment and bringing Damian with me. I had been being treated for depression and trying to gain weight as i was about 20 lbs underweight. At the appointment I asked my doctor some tips on conceiving. He looked at me funny and asked if we had been trying and for how long! “Yes we been trying for about 3 weeks!” I responded. My doctor laughed and said “wait 10 days after your period starts and then lock yourself in a bedroom for 3 days. You will be most fertile then. Hold your legs in the air after, and do not go to the restroom for about 20 mins.” He also didn’t recommend we try to conceive until I put on a bit more weight! I had already gained 9 pounds since dating Damian! Of course we didn’t listen.

My period had ended a few days earlier so we made a plan to set up a tent in the back yard and literally live in for 3 days. And that’s exactly what we did! We just told ricks family we wanted privacy and a mini camping trip. They didn’t even question us. Those 3 days were so fun and we couldn’t wait until my next period. I even made a graph and marked off each day. But my period came exactly on time! So much for that theory.

The weekend before we got married we took a trip to Mexico. My parents owned a home there and we decided to have a pre honeymoon and try again since it would put me near a fertile window. My oldest sister and a friend of hers happen to be there as well so we just all partied all weekend on the beach and gave up on trying for now. We were so drunk most of the time I don’t remember a lot, but I do remember fooling around once or twice. The weekend we got married would have put me close to having a period….that never came.

“My period is 3 days late!” I told Damian, as I glanced through my calendar! “I’m taking a test!” “It won’t show yet?” He stated kind of half asking. “Would it?” Smiling we both jumped up and ran to the bathroom. I had 1 test left and ripped it open! Excitedly I peed on the stick and set it on the counter. “What if it’s positive? Could you imagine, we didn’t try and then you get pregnant!” Damian commented! I’ve heard a lot of couples get pregnant when they aren’t trying. We started making out, which lead to other stuff and before we noticed, it had been about 20 minutes. “The test!” I reminded him. “I’m sure it’s negative.” He said while reaching over for it. We glanced at it and there, in the little indicator box, was a plus sign! “It’s positive!” I screamed!!!” “Sshhh we don’t want anyone to hear yet!” He told me. “I love you so much” I said. “We’re having a baby.”

We decided not to tell anyone just yet. The news of the elopement was hard on my mom and this might just push her over. My dad was planning a reception for us in September so we decided to announce then. In the meantime I made a gyno appointment to confirm for the announcement. And indeed we were expecting our first of many precious ones. Due in April of 96. And I just knew it was a son.

It was difficult to keep this a secret! Not only was I tired and emotional but I was constantly throwing up! We told ricks mom I had some type of flu and she responded with, “you better not be pregnant, cause I can’t even afford to buy the baby shoes!” We just laughed it off and now of course I’m paranoid. I wanted so badly to tell her! I felt like I finally had a mom I could confide in and share secrets with! One who loved unconditionally and would join in our excitement! After all, when we returned from Vegas she bought us a bottle of wine! Even my dad took us to dinner! But my mom, dirty looks and a silent treatment. But, we decided to wait until the reception to announce, and that’s what we did. All of our family and friends together for the first time, at least 200 people would be attending. I couldn’t wait for everyone we knew to join in our celebration of our expected blessing! Everyone loves a pregnancy! Or so we thought.

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