It’s Time

….”Turn around, it’s time” I whispered, gently pulling his hair.

DISCLAIMER: In an attempt to keep our blog fairly clean and classy I am leaving out quit a few details but for the more sexually sensitive or easily offended I do not recommend you continue reading.

Damian, still very nervous but more excited, trusted me and knew I wasn’t going to hurt him. I would never intentionally hurt him, but this is an area neither of us were super informed about, besides the little bit of reading Damian did on prostate massage which is extremely beneficial FYI!

I started with some light finger play to get him to relax and loosen up. I discovered that the anus is the tightest area and only a couple of inches in length. Past that is the wider, more expansive rectum area, were the prostate and internal root penis, with thousands of nerves can be internally stimulated! While fingering him I was able to feel and rub his prostate and his moaning convinced me he was finally relaxing! So I continued to manually stimulate his prostate and engaged some light biting and impact play and assured him there is room once we get in but that he needed to remain relaxed. When he was ready I removed my finger, took the lube and applied liberal amounts…way to much in fact…not only to my strap on but also directly onto his flesh. I was hoping this would help ease it in.

The first few tries were not successful. I believe he was still too tense for the rod to slip in. I then reassured him I would be gentle and go slowly and to just relax, take a deep breath and with that it finally slipped in. I instantly stopped because I wasn’t sure, at the moment, if his moans were pain or pleasure. Damian didn’t use our safe word so I figured he was ok for me to go deeper, and upon doing that he finally yelled out “ICE, ICE, ICE!” And I immediately pulled out.

Out of breath Damian quickly turned over “I feel like I’m loosing my bowels.” He said. He was not. I asked “did I hurt you? Is it too painful?” “It’s not quite pain, or pleasure! More like pressure!” he responded! “But let’s try again.” This time around i told him “stand at the foot of the bed and bend over! Maybe that will open the anus and leave more space for entry!” So he did, and it worked. I was able to actually, partially penetrate and make small circular movements that, by the sound of things, were mind blowing pleasurable!

How different it felt to be on the giving end! So powerful and erotic to be in control, thrusting and wiggling to cause so much pleasure after years of receiving pleasure from him. I was so aroused, more then I had been in some time, and I should mention that Damian is an AMAZING lover! 100% giver, pleasing me every single time. A quickie for us is never quick!But in my quest of power and glory I must have gotten a bit too excited as Damian once again yelled out ICE, ICE!” Again I instantly stopped and pulled out then leaned over him kissing his back and neck, I’m so so sorry babe! did I hurt you??” He instantly grabbed me and flipped me on my back kissing me, jumping on top of me so excited and full of passion. “That was so fucking amazing!” He panted! “My entire body is tingling! I don’t know what was happening but it had to stop! I was going to scream!”

In fact, I did know exactly what was happening! The same thing that has been happening to me since I met Damian. He was experiencing a full blown, internal orgasm! I always thought men orgasm every time they cum because, I orgasm each time I cum! Sometimes it’s more intense then others but an orgasm none the less. This in fact was not the case for Damian. He had never experienced that toe curling, full body tingling, out of control orgasm that he was just experiencing! And that made me sad for him! But with this new found information, I vowed to make him feel an amazing and pleasurable orgasm every day! states

-The bottom line

Anal play may not be everyone’s bag, but if you’re willing to give it a try, an intense full-body orgasm may be the payoff.

Consent and safety are key, so once you’ve got that settled you can get down to the fun part — experimenting with fingers, toys, and anything else that tickles your fancy.

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