The Best is yet to come

I will never forget the day Damian proposed…well suggested….Here we were just a few weeks in and having spent every waking minute together, except for work of course. We were so comfortable together, and pushed through the small disagreements that would come up from time to time. After all, we were from 2 completely different worlds and had quite different views on most things. But nothing so major that we couldn’t just agree to disagree and let them go.

We spent hours at a time discussing our hopes and dreams, our pasts and our futures. For the first time I could share what was on my mind and in my heart and trust that I was safe. We could be ourselves. And that made all the difference. It was something so new to be accepted and loved for all I was and had been through. No judgement or ridicule. I no longer felt trapped or afraid to freely grow. For the first time, in as far back as I can remember, I was happy. I had joy, love, acceptance, comfort, encouragement, and so many more wonderful things happening to me because of this one family and the choice Damian made to love me. He saved me in more ways then he will ever know. My entire life had shifted, and I finally looked forward to what was ahead. Healing

It was mid July when we decided to get married and put things into motion.We had run into Damians ex who was a crazy, hysterical, maniac. And this wasn’t too long after we had a run in with my crazy ex. Who was just as big a lunatic. So after this unpleasant yet entertaining encounter, we went to have lunch at the park. Well, while reminiscing about our crazy past relationships, there engraved in the table with hearts around them, was both those ex’s names! What? Was it a sign? An omen? The universe opening a door? Trippy is what it was and all we could do was laugh because honestly, they would have been perfect for each other. Just as we felt we were perfect together. So as I sipped my soda, Damian blurted out…”we should just go get married!”

Choking on my drink, I was a bit shocked. I mean I knew he was the one but, did I really know? All of my friends at this point that were married all agreed that “you’ll know when it’s the one” and I knew. So i responded with “let’s do it!” Not your traditional proposal. But we are not your traditional couple. So less then 3 weeks later, we were man and wife. And having just celebrated our 25 year wedding anniversary, I can clearly tell you that BDSM has passionately and guiltlessly, catapulted our relationship into a whole new level.

We didn’t tell anyone at first because we knew people would try to change our minds or come in between us! Throughout my life, it was normal for the people around me to destroy what was good or that which I cared for. So why would this be any different. And I was right! Instantly my mother freaked out, pulled giving my dad a heart attack card then tried to guilt me. When I didn’t cave she tried to bribe me, when that didn’t work the tears flowed. I agreed to wait just to get her off my back, and Damian and I decided against telling anyone else and the next weekend we drove to Vegas and eloped. It was small and wonderful and I would not change it for anything.

Yesterday we celebrated 25 years, and We both agree that as great as it’s been, the best is yet to come.

14 thoughts on “The Best is yet to come

      1. We weren’t to sure it was for us either. We are new and still exploring all its different facets, and though we do not adhere to some areas we find most to be fun and opening us to new levels of communication and friendship


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