It’s Time

“What In the world are we suppose to do with this?” Damian asked pulling this enormous hot pink, veiny strap on dildo out of the box. “Well, I’m going to, do you with it?” I said, not completely convinced. Damian looked at me concerned. I took the dildo from his hands and held it at my crotch, thrusting it towards him, shrugging my shoulders and squinting my face, “it will fit!” I reassured him. “We got lube!” Research on lube y’all! Specifically how much is enough! We went way overboard that first night.

I guess we were so caught up In the excitement of this new venture that we didn’t comprehend the enormity of this massive sex toy! Actually I’m not so sure we even checked. We just liked the color! So we went back to the website, found the item, scrolled on down…length 9.5”, Circumference 6”….GASP!! I’m dead!! With my hands over my eyes I quickly snapped “that is not coming near me!” Damian quickly glanced at me with disdain in his face! “And you think it’s coming near me?” I smiled and gently kissed His lips. “No babe, it’s not coming near you!” I gently reached down and squeezed that luscious booty. Then whispered in his ear “it’s going inside you!” “How is that going to fit?” He whimpered, unconvinced. “Babe, we got lube! It will fit.”

Again, I can’t stress enough! Do your research. We came to discover that they actually sell sets for this exact purpose. They are called; anal training kits, and we recommend you start there! They average 3.5” and increase in size to 6.25.” Ooops we somehow missed this step!

Regardless, we were all in and ready to “get to bed” early. So we started playing into it for the kids benefits. “Ugh, I said laying back on the couch. “I have a terrible headache that just won’t stop!” Damian, knowing exactly what I was up to, played right along. “You want to go lay down in the room?” “It’s quiet and dark!” “Let me get you some water.” I retreated to the bedroom while Damian went to tell the kids I wasn’t feeling well and that I had gone to lay down. He told them I had a headache and to leave me alone. If they needed anything, they were on their own. Our youngest is about to be 18 and she was actually with some cousins for the weekend, so no one was neglected because of our little white lie. Fun fact: orgasm cures headache so if your feeling tense, hump it out! We know we do….

When Damian returned with my water, he closed and locked the door and joined me in the bathroom. We embraced for a bit making out like a young couple in our prime. How amazing it felt to feel so full of passion and excitement again, like we were newly weds, exploring each other for the first time! while he got out all of our goodies, I slipped out of my dress and made some adjustments to the room. Being we do have kids still in the home we needed to sound proof a bit, pillows over vents, blanket in front of the door, TV turned on..which kind of sucked, but, once we got started, we didn’t even notice it!

We began with some bondage. Damian tied me up and engaged in some light impact play! We made out some more, giggling and trying to relax each other. All the while, this huge pink dildo laying next to us on the bed that we just couldn’t stop glancing at. I pushed Damian off me and got up, clumsily attaching the harness and dildo. I provocatively stepped into the harness and wiggled my body in front of him while i pulled it up and tightened it onto my hips. Wow, the feeling of having this massive rod between my legs was so empowering! “Are you ready?” I asked Damian, as I stepped closer to him. “You won’t hurt me?” He asked again. “Trust me” I whispered pushing him onto the bed and gently pulling his hair. I kissed him again and then whispered “turn over, it’s time.”

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