Special Delivery

So the day has come, our order is en route and set to be delivered this afternoon. Damian, the only essential worker in the home, was on site that day. And at this point In lock down, we would receive multiple packages through out the weeks! But because we were so nervous and paranoid, decided to tell the kids that this package was an item for Damians job and to please put it in our bedroom!

We share one amazon prime account between 7 of us, so we all know what each other order and so on….hence the paranoia of this particular delivery! Even though it was not ordered from amazon. We were just nervous I think, not wanting the kids to catch on…eventually our oldest daughter did! I mean, now we were giddy and cuddly and touchy ALL.THE.TIME. Whispering and staring at each other’s phones! So they knew something was up. but that’s for a different post.

I was working from home that afternoon when the delivery was made, but I did not hear the alert. Nor did I hear Damians 2 texts warning me to “get the package!! get the package!!” By the time I finally checked out front, it had already been brought inside. Again paranoia crept in…”oh no!” I thought. “Did someone expect a delivery too and just open it up? Do they have our toys and know our secret??” With pink cheeks I went back to our bedroom, and to my relief, it was sitting on the bed! Sometimes, and that’s a BIG sometimes, our kids are obedient. And Thank God! Because time and time again, especially due to quarantine boredom…they will just rip boxes open!

My first reaction was to grab it and tear it open myself, just like a disobedient wild child! But I didn’t. I took a breath, and gathered my dirty thoughts. I set the box in our closet. I would wait for Damian, so we could open it when he gets home and explore this small box of secrets together.

Before starting this journey I would just sit around in PJS or yoga pants, (doing yoga or not) granny panties and flat hair. I probably shaved, only my legs, once a year and never anywhere else! Not a care in the world because hey, we been married 25 years and that’s just who I am now! Well, I decided to sexy up for the occasion. I took a long shower, shaved everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, for the first time in months. Then I got out my boxes of lacy, frilly under garments and started to layer on lace and silk thongs and sexy push-up bras. I even curled my hair and put on a pretty dress! I gotta tell you, I was already in the mood! And for not being the aggressor in the bedroom, I felt pretty aggressive and damn sexy!

Ladies a word of advice! If you are down on yourself, not feeling sexy, never in the mood, too tired, too this or that. Insecure cause babies gave you stretch marks, have some extra chub from pregnancy’s..HE DOES NOT CARE!! You are beautiful!! So get up in the mornings and get ready. You would be surprised at what some pretty panties and a braid in your hair could do to set the mood early in the day! I hadn’t even seen our toys or Damian yet and was already aroused!

Somethings you should know about Damian. He’s a creature of habit. He’s very scheduled and very low key. He is a hard worker and always puts his loved ones before himself! He is very humble with integrity and character like none other and has a huge heart and biggest sense of humor. He is NOT spontaneous nor adventurous and doesn’t care for change. He would be content to spend the rest of his life with me, just being! He also just keeps getting sexier as he ages and is a total silver fox! I would not change him for anything, and I am lucky to have his whole heart. So you can imagine how his head must be spinning over this new adventure we have begun.

Speaking of my sexpot! Damian walks in and notices right away that I had done myself up. He makes sure to point that out with a “WOW” and huge kiss. Got in a bootey grope as well. Which in return got me even more aroused! Quick note..Men, listen to me…take notice of your ladies! If they change their hair, have a new dress, smell good, turn you on…tell them! If we take the time to doll up and you don’t notice, why would we continue to even bother? If you aren’t making them feel beautiful, it’s going to be hard for them to believe that they are! If you aren’t lifting them up who is going to? That’s your job! Don’t leave that window cracked to allow someone else to creep in and do it! Again, discussion for a whole other post.

We snuck anxiously into the bathroom and I opened the closet to show him our box of fun. I could see In his face that he was a bit nervous, as was I, but excited as well! He took out his pocket knife and cut the tape. When he opened the flaps to peek what was inside, we could not believe our eyes!

I think it took a few seconds for us to process what we were looking at. We were kind of frozen, like a deer trapped in headlights. Inside the box was my harness, a teeny tiny vibrating bullet, and an enormous, hot pink, strap on dildo….

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