Here we are

“….this one offers discrete packaging!” “Ok babe” I remember responding. “I want a harness and strap on!!” half jokingly I blurted out, with a goofy smile and batting my eyes at him! I honestly didn’t expect the reply he gave but…he agreed. Even in silly, heartfelt, playful comments, communication can open a door.

So here we are, waiting for this secret box of sexy toys and enhancers to arrive, Just a few days for delivery. We weren’t quit sure if this was going to be for us! But we decided at the beginning we were all in. We hadn’t done too much research as we were like little giddy teenagers about to lose our virginity. We were more focused on the excitement and nervousness of what was closely approaching. “You have to be gentle, you won’t hurt me?” Damian would ask me every few hours. “Of course babe! I can’t guarantee it won’t hurt but I will be gentle, I promise.” Over and over he would check in. “I trust you” he would say. Honestly, I don’t think anything like this can be done safely or fully without trust. I would never recommend exploring this with someone you weren’t close to or didn’t trust completely. Damian and I have always had deeply rooted trust in our marriage. Not saying things were always perfect! That would be a lie. We been through some hard times. Which I will share another time. But the trust we have for each other made getting through struggles that much smoother. So we were confident that this journey would only enhance that trust even more.

In the days leading up to our package delivery, we discussed so many things. Bedroom related and otherwise. New doors of communication and passion were flying open! And it began to feel like all of the love, sweat and tears we had put in over the last 25 years, was finally setting us up for something greater in the next 25 years! What that is? We didn’t even know yet! But we can both feel something amazing is in the works!

We still hadn’t done to much research on what we were getting into. And we strongly recommend you do research! We only knew at this point that, we were “all in” and really only had one non negotiable. We decided right away that there would be NO third party’s invited in. Other then that, our minds were open! We also decided on our safe word, which seemed silly at first, but I assure you, with BDSM it is necessary. We also noticed a huge elevation in libido and were becoming more adventurous in our daily vanilla sex play (non BDSM sex.) I wasn’t much for performing oral on Damian up to this point in our marriage. I know…shame on me, but Now I can’t seem to get enough of it! So bonus for him. The anticipation leading up to what was about to arrive, was almost more then we could handle. Then we got the alert! Package arriving tomorrow! Here we go….

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