Happy Hump Day

Sometimes we can get into a rut, and go weeks or even months without sexual contact from our partners! Let’s change that TODAY! It’s HUMP DAY after all! Regardless of who hasn’t initiated, or the kids this, my job that….whatever the circumstances, YOU take control right now! Decide in your heart and mind…tonight is going to be all about us and our relationship! Work yourself up by thinking of all the sexy times in the past you spent together, the passion you felt, the hotness of your lover, how good it feels to touch and be touched! Send a flirtatious text and even a risky photo….And keep those thoughts all day to prepare yourself to pounce! Shower and shave, put on sexy under garments, wear some perfume or cologne or makeup! Whatever you need to feel sexy! But whatever you do, don’t let another sun set without some intimacy and sweet pillow talk! That’s your lover! Reclaim your passion❤️it may feel awkward at first but If you stay in this state of mind, the intimacy will once again, flow freely and generously! Happy Humping

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