A glimpse of 25 years

Damian and I met and married rather quickly. The entire process from day 1, until “I do”, lasted less then 5 months. I was 22 and troubled, repressing childhood trauma and he was 18 stable minded, but from a recently broken home. To this day We believe our meeting was God ordained.

When I met Damian I was sober, but only had been for a short time. Damian was fairly pure and only smoked pot and occasionally drank. He came from a solid household with loving and attentive parents. I was a hardcore addict and hyper sexual. Having dealt with addiction and sexual abuse my entire childhood, as a young teen I was engaging in all types of addictions. meth, ecstasy, uppers, downers, drunken blackouts, meaningless sex, eating disorders, depression, suicide…truly a broken girl. But that all changed the moment I met Damian. I had never been loved or accepted for all I had experienced by any single person, not even my own parents or siblings. But Damian loved me and accepted me 100%, flaws and all and that set my healing into motion. We were happy, unified, at peace.

Fast forward 6 years and 4 children later, my repression reared its ugly head in the form of baby blues and I turned to alcohol and pills to cope. If you’re inebriated at all times then you won’t have to deal with the past or present hurt….false. You will have to deal with it eventually. And the saddest part was Damian was left to pick up the pieces that my broken soul left everywhere, all the time. A hot mess, once again, dealing with addiction. But now hurting not just myself, but my precious family.

It wasn’t long before God once again intervened and set me free. This time through adoption. We adopted 2 teenagers despite the fact I struggled raising 4 kids already. If not for Damians commitment and loyalty to me and our family, we may not have made it through this round. But through them I was able to hear God call on me and be obedient. I accepted Christ 2 years later and have been sober ever since. 16 years. After my salvation, my children met Jesus and followed Him and 7 years later Damian came to Christ! God is always good and we make sure to give Him the glory! Yes, even in our bedroom, which to some may seem contradictory. BDSM and Christianity? Yes, because we follow Gods standard in our marital bed and only partake in consensual, communicated acts with no others involved. God intended for marital sex to be pleasurable and this is our guiltless pleasure.

12 thoughts on “A glimpse of 25 years

  1. Thank you for sharing your story. Life has it’s ways and we each have different routes. It’s amazing the blessings children bring as gifts, in this case the intervention mentioned. Many blessings to you and your family.

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